Sushi Saturday

I love Saturdays. I love not having my cell phone alarm buzz under my pillow to wake me up before the sun is even up. I love Saturdays. It's the only day of the week that I have off but still feel like I need to work so I get alot more stuff done. Today was awesome, alot of you have been buying our shirts this weekend and Dora and I really appreciate that. It's getting me extremely excited about next months designs which I started working on and trust me, they'll be awesome. They'll both be very different from one another but the subject matter will be similar, I'm going along with some sort of violent fighting imagery without any blood splatters this time around.

Dora's making sushi and it smells great. We started watching Carnivale, and I think she's somewhat hooked so we'll try and have a little Carnivale season 1 marathon. Other than that, I worked like a mad man on the website today trying to make it as intuitive as possible. Please if anyone has any ideas as to how I can make buying from our website more simple just comment or email me. Thanks for listening to my rant. Have a nice weekend, and I can't wait for tomorrow night to grab a RedRave and print a bunch of your orders.

homemade sushi