The Darjeeling Limited & Tekkon Kinkreet

It's been very rare to find one good movie that kept my attention all the way through recently, but last night we saw two awesome movies. We started off with The Darjeeling Limited, which is a Wes Anderson film. I've never been a fan of his movies, my friends were but I don't like to hop onto things just because everyone else thinks it's cool. For some reason I never got into the whole Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic thing. So I was quite reluctant about this one, but I'm a big fan of Adrien Brody so I gave this movie a chance. And to my amazement I really enjoyed the journey. It was like I took a vacation from my life and joined them in theirs.
darjeeling limited

The second movie we watched was Tekkon Kinkreet. I'm a fan of 3D movies since I am a 3D illustrator and this one blew my away. The style is awesome and I love how they kept this very loose hand drawn 2D feel while incorporating the digital 3D realm. There was soo much depth to this anime, it felt like I was looking into a world as opposed to a flat screen with a cartoon playing on it. The choice of pastel colours is so gorgeous. It's everything I would like to do if I made a cartoon movie, except mine would be a little darker ;)
tekkon kinkreet