We Got Engaged!

Back in 2007, after dating for only 3 months, Aldora came up with the random idea to start a tshirt company. 6 months later Akumu Ink was online and sold it's first t-shirt. We struggled for 7 years before seeing any reward to our decision.

Now that we have been in California for almost a full year, and we are comfortable with Akumu Ink's steady growth, I thought it was a good time to make sure my partner in business would remain my partner in life. Without her, none of this would happen. Not only the idea of starting the brand, but for continuing to believe in it and work hard to make it happen alongside me.

A bunch of family and friends were asking for a photo of the proposal, but we didn't take any as I proposed at night time. So I drew this instead, it's the most accurate description of the moment.