2008: Printing in our Apartment

Here are some photos  of our first apartment in Montreal, Canada. This was where everything started. We learned to screen-print in this apartment. It only had 2-bedrooms so we didn't have much place to "hide" our work life from our home life. At this point Joey was still working fulltime at his real job, while Aldora was going to university.

Here is Joey trying to figure out how to print one of our first shirts:

Below you can see boxes of t-shirts in our living room:

This is Aldora and our dog Tiny washing some screens in our bathtub:

This is how the screen came out:

This is the screen-printing room. I only had a few colours of ink. Each design was only one colour as I couldn't afford the time to line up the images. I also made and customized my own platens to make the biggest size print we could. You can even see a few opened energy drinks. Joey would buy cases of energy drinks, and drink one a night after working 8 hours at his real job to come home and screen-print every night for online orders or conventions:

These are our first shirt tags that we hand-splattered in our bathtub:

These are some of the first orders we got that inspired us to continue moving forward!