LEFT BEHIND Artwork :: Help Reunite Families

[update: 06/26/2018]

Thank you to everyone who bought our LEFT BEHIND print; where all of the sales are dedicated to the efforts to reunite families. We have combined the $610 from the print sales and our past Monthly Exclusive sales, and donated a total of $1,940 to The Florence Project and Texas Civil Rights Project!

Thank you everyone! We are proud to have you as our customers

As many of you living in the US may be aware, the issue of family separation has been on the rise for more than a week. As part of this society, our humanity has been tested and we responded by creating this artwork called LEFT BEHIND, available as a 5”x7” print for $10. All of the proceeds from the print sale will be split between 2 organizations that have lawyers working to reunite families:

Texas Civil Rights Projects: https://texascivilrightsproject.org/donate/
The Florence Project: https://firrp.org/donate/donate-2/

Due to the urgency of this issue, the artwork will only be for sale until 06/25/2018 (Monday) Midnight PST. Please share with your family and friends. Together we can make a difference. Click here to get this print.

Thank you,
Joey & Aldora