ENOUGH! Charity

As of August 24, 2020.
With your help we have donated a total of:
€128 (£111) to War Child UK!

"Enough!" is a design that we have made in response to the school shootings in the USA. While living in California (2014-2018), we often heard about shootings in colleges and high schools. And even though we are not directly affected by these acts of violence, we feel the call for action as a socially responsible company.


Every item we sell with our "Enough!" design printed on it will be sold for €2 more than our usual prices. The €2/item sold will be donated to War Child UK (https://www.warchild.org.uk/donate).

If you would like to support this project, click here to get ENOUGH! on a t-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve.

Every small effort results in a small change. A lot of small changes will result in a big change. We can do this together. Thank you for your support. We will be updating this page regularly with amount of donation given.