Miss Umami

Umami is one of our oldest reoccurring characters. She is our personal favorite! Umami is deliciously evil and mischievously cute. It’s no wonder that she is always up to no good. If there is something she wants, she will get it. If you tick her off, she will show you who is boss. She is never bored, and is always looking to cause trouble. She is deliciously evil; she is our Miss Umami.

Tokyo Chan

Tokyo Chan is a bad-ass high school girl whose identity we have kept a secret since Akumu Ink’s inception. Her favorite weapons include the classic chainsaw and axe. We love to bring her back on every collection, whether posing as a hitgirl, the killer of evil wolf (as Dead Riding Hood), as the taker-backer of Tinman’s heart (in Nightmare in OZ), and as the innocent Death (in Death Card). Don’t mess with Tokyo Chan, otherwise she will make you regret even thinking about it.

The Butcher

The Butcher is our version of a serial killer who has no care about the bloody trails he leaves after the kills are complete. The Butcher’s identity is unknown. What we know is that he’s in his early 20s, has a scar across his left eye and that both butcher knife and machete are his weapons of choice; the sharper, the better.

The Bear

Our cute and cuddly skeleton cosplaying as a bear was introduced into our lives in 2014. The Bear is a combination of curiosity and gullibility, where he will always fall for a similar trick, and is always unable to safely figure out how to get out of trouble (in Bear-Trapped). His sense of innocence brings us delight and makes us question his choices (in The Culprit).

Not to worry, while the Bear often gets hurt, he can repair and stitch himself; after all, these stitches add to his adorable character.

Mr. Octopoda

This bright green octopus is different from his siblings. When growing up, Octopoda realized that he was the first of his kind to be able to grow a mustache. In the beginning, he was quite alarmed by this genetic mutation. However, one day a top hat fell into sea, and sunk its way right on top of his head. This ever-desirable object has made him feel more distinguished. Of course Mr. Octopoda is not complete without his useless but cute umbrella that does not keep him from getting wet, but lets him hover and float around in the sea.

La Sirena

La Sirena is our depiction of a creepy, yet enchantingly beautiful mermaid who has lived for as long as the sea is formed. She overlooks the afterlives of the sea, making sure that they feel that they belong and that they are forever remembered.

Zombie Cat

Who does not love a stitched up cat? Zombie cat embodies the perfect combination of creepy and cute. His hollowed stare while wearing his stylish hat draws one towards him. But be careful of his aura of mystery, because curiosity kills...

Voodoo Doll

Our Voodoo characters are simply victims of their passion. Some may call them emo, but we prefer passionate. Their obvious persistence shows in their constant longing for love that is lost and vigorously patching up broken hearts. Sometimes they also go a step further to take back what belong to them to permanently own it, forever. Love is messy, but our little Voodoos will not quit.

Cheshire Cat

Our depiction of Cheshire Cat is one that is always mischievous and is constantly contemplating her next move, although one can never tell, since she always looks relaxed and friendly. But don’t let that smile fool you, because as much as you want Cheshire to be cute and adorable, she has lost her mind, and never intends to find it again. After all, don’t you agree that We’re All Mad Here?


Over the years, Alice has been included in our collections a few times. Trapped in the world of wonder, Alice always finds herself in peculiar situations where she is has to make impossible decisions. If she drinks this potion, what would it do? If she bites the cookie, what will happen? If the rabbit jumps into a hole, why won’t she as well? Her curiosity and endless amount of luck lead her to adventures that no one has experienced, nor will they ever have.

The Mad Hatter

In the afterlife, the Mad Hatter retains his madness and inability to keep still. He is still running around with teacup, creating various crazy hats, pouring poison for his guests and creating the best concoction for his next tea party.  What will he do next, you can never guess.