NEW :: Rapunzel and Owl

For January 2017, we have released 2 designs: Truly Alone and Crypt Keeper

Truly Alone is our version of Brothers Grimm's Rapunzel. We name it so because in world, she lives alone as those who tried to save her (i.e. kings, princes) were unsuccessful and had died. 

This design is available on womens' tee and tank and men's tee. Limited quantity is available, as we are not reprinting this design. The model is Princess Anathema.

rapunzel, fairytale, goth rapunzel, princess skull shirt, goth fairytale, fairytail, brothers grimm, goth disney, swords, tank top, goth princess t-shirt, graphic tee, alternative, tattooWe have done a few owl designs in the past. The Crypt Keeper has a different owl design, where it's more dark, rather than cute. The owl itself is the Crypt Keeper, where it protects the books and the knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.
This design is available on men tees and jersey hoodie; and women tees as well.
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