Anime Expo & SDCC 2019

This year AKUMU INK will be represented at both AX (booth 2930, 2931) and SDCC (booth 4835) by our friends at MEXPRESSIONS.

All of our new designs and signed copies of our book will be available at both events. So please drop by and show your support for MEXPRESSIONS, your local (San Diego) store. If this year is successful then they will return on our behalf to both events next year as well.

Like always we will post the map to the booth sometime soon.

We wish we could be there with you at both events but flying from Europe for a month didn't really make sense for us, plus we've wanted to try setting up at Japan Expo in Paris for almost 9 years now, so we're very excited we get to finally experience it.

Thank you to all of you. If you have any questions we're always happy to answer them.

-Joey & Aldora