Zombie Photoshoot

So this past Sunday we went and hung out with our new friends from C2 Studios in Montreal. They do everything from family portraits to fantasy shots. Dora and I have been talking with photographer Chantale about doing a shoot. And she had this great idea and makeup artist to get the job done right. We arrived Sunday morning at 9:30am to find the female model and protagonist of the shoot getting her makeup done. We then proceeded to sit around drinking coffee for the next four hours as our arms got transformed into very professional looking zombie arms. Most of the day was filmed and is currently being edited for us to show you the behind the scenes of the photoshoot. The resulting image from the photoshoot itself is going to be available to us in the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing what will come of everyone's hard work. Thanks to all those who participated whether it be the models, or those who worked behind the scenes to make this happen (makeup artist, photographer, cameraman), and of course all of you who posted your comments and 'liked' the photos on Facebook. akumuink akumuink akumuink This was the best pic of me.... akumuink