Just Another Birthday

Up until the release of our first self-published book in 2015, we had focused solely on designing t-shirts. Joey was a fulltime children's books illustrator before taking on Akumu Ink, and Just Another Birthday gave him the opportunity to pour his knowledge into producing this book.

Aldora and Joey came up with the idea to make this book while working at a comic convention on Halloween weekend in Los Angeles. That same weekend they also attended a Danny Elfman concert, it was so inspiring that they thought "Wouldn't it be fun to make a book based on our characters?" As they came up with a very rough story, and with very simple drawings, they ended up creating new characters in their own world. They loved the idea so much but weren't confident enough to make the book as it was so different from the shirts they were selling. So they put the idea up on Kickstarter and got the project funded by their awesome customers within a few days!

2 years passed, and the book was sold out since 2017. Now with the release of our Alice and Fairytales book, we had a few customers asking if they could get our Just Another Birthday book. So for Akumu Ink's 15th Year Anniversary we thought, "how about we reprint our first book?" As much as Joey loved Aldora's story, he felt his art had evolved so much since the original book was printed. This prompted Joey to redraw the entire book every night for a winter. Without a doubt, his efforts are worth his time, as the redrawn book reflects where Akumu Ink is currently and is heading towards.

Every single page of our Just Another Birthday storybook was completely redrawn. Since the original book was released back in 2015, our aesthetic has improved and it was important to create a cohesiveness across all pages. I went back in with more confidence in the character designs and I wanted to make sure that was more cohesive from page to page.

This was also a great opportunity to create more depth to the pages. The original book illustrations were very flat, and the new book plays more with colour and lighting.

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