Alice in the Rose Bushes :: Painting Process

Each painting I work on seems to push me a little further, from trying to paint water in Adrift to the Unknown, to painting clouds in When Worlds Collide, and now trying to paint flowers. The last time I painted Alice was for two smaller pieces: Alice and Hello! and for both those pieces I used a completely different process. I've been recently experimenting with different brushes and different ways of layer the paints, and now I feel a little more confident in how to bring Alice across better.

As mentioned, painting flowers is not my favourite thing, but I always believe in pushing myself to do things I don't necessarily like so I can actually improve on it. I had painted all the flowers, but after a few weeks of looking at them, I realized I didn't like how they turned out. So, I painted over all of them and started fresh, redoing all the flowers from the beginning.

I'm always trying to get myself to not be so exact when I paint, to paint 'loosely' to paint in a more figurative way, which is what I like about other artists. But what I'm really trying to focus on is having fun creating these scenes, almost like they're stills from an animated movie that doesn't exist.

Here are a few closeups of the final piece:

I spent a little more than a month of working on this Wonderland scene, here. This is the final piece:

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