The Vampire Paper Toy

Thanks to everyone that jumped on the packages.

Wanted to spend a little more time explaining the limited edition paper toy. As I've mentioned again and again, this toy is ONLY for returning customers to just a little something to say thanks to all those who are following our blog and/or facebook. We are creating this brand for you so obviously you deserve perks that not everyone else can have ;) Just a little thank you to those of you who have been so devoted to us.

So to explain a little more about "The Vampire" paper toy. I was inspired when watching 'Blood: The Last Vampire' which was a pretty crap movie but got me totally in the zone to create this Japanese, Edward Gorey styled Vampire character. I was working on him at the same time as "The Ripper" design and really felt when working on these two that this was a style I wanted to pursue and explore further. I'm really looking forward to where we're going to go in the next few months with Akumu Ink in bringing new designs and characters to you. Happy Halloween!

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