Talking About Whatever

I'm glad I left my dayjob when I did. I didn't know Akumu would come to take up more of my life than it had when I was working. Now I'm printing most of the day to prepare for conventions. Trying to get our name out there. Obviously with a brand like ours we don't care to be a household name like Ed Hardy or Affliction, but we are trying to live off it. So we're doing our best to let those who would care know we exist.

We worked on a new sticker to replace the Of Horror stickers we had been giving out with our purchases. This new sticker looks really good and since it's been months since I've even worked on a new Akumu design, it's given me the confidence to work out the style on this new idea I had.

Please let me know if you would like me to fix anything on the website. I'd like to add some forms and things to certain places and make the whole site have a lot more functionality than it does right now. If you have ideas or things you'd like to see to make your experience on our website more pleasurable please let me know so we can address it ;)

Thanks for everything everyone, can't wai tto launch the new design (I'm going to say, 3 weeks tops, but you know it might be sooner)