CANADA 2008-2013

Joey and Aldora met in Monreal, Quebec in 2007. Joey was illustrating children’s books when he met the business savvy Aldora, who was pursuing a university degree in Dietetics. After only a few months together, they took a summer trip to New York where they randomly walked into a Hot Topic. On the drive home, Aldora was inspired and suggested to Joey, "Why don't we learn to print your designs onto t-shirts?"

They named their brand Akumu Ink® (pronounced: akoo·moo ink), based on the Japanese translation for 'Nightmare'. Inspired by the things they liked: Japanese horror movies, Deathcore music, Jpop/Kpop music, anime, and cute chibi style characters. The couple created their own niche that they felt needed to be explored.

Within a few months they designed their first 6 shirts, purchased a small hobby press, learned how to screen-print, and coded a very basic website. After a few days of the webstore being online, they had their first sale! They printed everything from their 2-bedroom apartment in Montreal, Quebec while attending tattoo, anime and comic conventions across Canada. They created more than 100 designs during this 5 year period.

(Above image: First Tattoo Convention in Toronto, and printing from their apartment. Canada 2008)

USA 2014-2018

Although the small art brand had a lot of loyal Canadian customers, it was not enough to sustain them long term. So after 5 years of struggling to grow their brand in Canada, the couple made a huge move to Los Angeles, California.

They toured across the country selling directly to customers at over 100+ comic/anime conventions during the 5 years they lived there. To meet the high demand, they outsourced their printing and setup their first warehouse where they packed and shipped all orders themselves.

During this time they expanded from only selling t-shirts and hoodies, to selling their art on stickers, socks, backpacks and wallets. Aldora and Joey worked together coming up with design ideas. They created more than 100 new designs while living and working in the US.

(Below image: New York ComicCon 2018)


Things were beginning to get hectic in the US, and a choice had to be made as to wether to renew their US visa or go back to Canada. The husband and wife duo instead made a brave and uncertain decision to relocate to the Netherlands to experience Europe, where they had a huge following.

Upon arriving in 2019, they setup at comic conventions in Switzerland, France, and the UK. But due to the pandemic, it forced Joey and Aldora to no longer rely on conventions anymore. They opened their new Akumu Ink® Studio just outside of Amsterdam, where they now print and ship all online orders directly to customers and to stores.

After creating more than 300 t-shirt designs over the last 15 years, the husband and wife team are now looking to be inspired by Europe and create more creepy storybooks like their self-published Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland (2019) and Nightmare Fairytales (2022).

The future is bright and inspiration looms around every corner. With your support, Aldora and Joey will continue to create art, books, comics, and merch for many years to come.

(Above image: The city of Leiden, Netherlands)


Seit 2008 hat Akumu Ink® mehr als 300 Originaldesigns entworfen, die auf verschiedenen Kleidungsstücken und Waren verkauft werden.

Akumu Ink®-Produkte sind in über 100 ausgewählten Boutiquen und Geschäften in den Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada, Europa, Australien, Singapur und Japan erhältlich. Sie haben zwischen 2017 und 2019 sogar einige ihrer Designs an die über 600 Geschäfte von Spencer's Gifts in den USA lizenziert. Eine vollständige Liste der Geschäfte, die derzeit Akumu Ink® führen, finden Sie hier.

Wenn Ihr Geschäft Akumu Ink®-Waren führen möchte, kontaktieren Sie uns Hier können Sie sich nach Großhandelspreisen erkundigen.

(Bild oben: BorderlinePlus in Toronto, Ontario)


In Kalifornien wurde Akumu Ink® stolz zu einer Marke mit sozialem Bewusstsein. Mit der Hilfe ihrer unterstützenden Kunden sammelten und spendeten sie 5.000 US-Dollar für Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief, Suicide Prevention, California Firefighters usw." target="_self">Lesen Sie hier mehr.

In den Niederlanden sind sie weiterhin sozialbewusst, indem sie recycelte Kunststoffprodukte verwenden um synthetische Rucksackmaterialien zu ersetzen.

Sie bieten auch eine Sammlung von T-Shirt-Designs an, die bestimmte Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen direkt finanzieren, indem sie ukrainischen Flüchtlingen helfen, LGBTQ-Jugendliche unterstützen, rassistische Ungerechtigkeiten bekämpfen und Tiere in Australien retten, die von Waldbränden heimgesucht wurden. Klicken Sie hier, um diese Anliegen anzuzeigen und zu unterstützen.