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Thanks so much.
Opening up the package was pure delight, the stickers are awesome.
Holding the freshly printed book, smelling the new book smell and hearing the crispness at each turn of the page, feeling like it was made just for me, soaking in the wonder of each illustration coming alive before my eyes, was scintillating.

Plague Dr Hoodie and shirt s

Arrived yesterday and as always great quality and perfect fit! Love the new designs to go with my collection

My son loves his new t-shirt!

Great design - subtle and creepy!

Beautiful and fun

Gorgeous artwork!

Sad but cute 😊

Absolutely gorgeous design! Very comfy t-shirt, easy to wear and wash.

Love it

Great patch!!

Pleasant surprised by the content!

I had not yet ordered something from Akumu Ink, but after some ads on Instagram, i decided to give it a shot.
And imaging my surprise when i got the box! Filled with stickers, button, etc. And of course the book itself.
Only thing i have to say is, if you order anything from Akumu, you wont be disappointed.
As for myself? i definitely will order again.

Thank you so much!

Awesome design, your art rocks. It was a gift and the person LOVED IT. Thank you!!!!

Kreepy Cute Hoodie
Natasha Boschman
Love this bunnyhug!!! 💗

Very soft and warm and fits great. Graphic is amazing!

Love it!

A wonderful book and a very appealing art style. I love the „extra“ illustration I got and the wonderful package. Did I just wrote I loved the packaging? Well, I do, it is part of a great experience.

Red Keychain
Julia Weisenberger
I love it! :D

It is cute and lovely and bad-ass and all in all simply awesome! This is how I want my red riding hood to be! :D


I love the pictures of this fairytale book. But please remember, that there is no happy ending in those stories. My mom was a bit shocked. ;) She only read the first two then it was too much. I read the whole book and love the cutesy-gruesome pictures and the bad endings and the whole book in and of itself.
Be prepared and check out the book, it is a treat!

Absolutely Brilliant

Beautifully presented. Lovely writing and illustrations.
Perfect gift for my wife.

Feels really good to wear, the design is awesome and doesn't wash away fast.

Alice Bookmark Set
Дейвид Хамънд
Bought complete Alice set for a present

Looks to be good quality and exceptionally well put together with nice artwork

Rapunzel Patch
Michael Rodkin
nice product


Got it for my son .he loved it


I love this set. It is perfect and the art work is beautiful!

A beautifull and original print on a good quallity shirt.

A beautifull and original print on a good quallity shirt.

My Favorite tee

This is hands down great t-shirt to wear. Good quality, awesome design and colors. Always getting compliments of any design I wear, but this is my personal favorite.

In love with these tops 😍 🖤

Love these designs ❤️


Gorgeous designs, great quality, got them as bday present for my bf, will absolutely be buying more!

Feeling unique

I chose a design from dozens of others on offer. Willing to pay the premium price for that unique feeling.