The Mad Hatter

So as mentioned earlier today on our facebook page "Hoodies and asphalt tshirts are running out left and right. Not restocking so pick up while they're still available!" Here's a photo of one of the last prints on our awesome asphalt M tshirts. There is still XL-3XL so jump on those while we still have them. Same goes for hoodies, we still have XS, M, 2XL. And M and L sized purple vnecks. We won't be restocking any of those items any more! We're working on some new things which may change the way we've been running Akumu Ink for the last 3 years. So get what's left while it's still there :O suicidegirls tshirt, vampirefreaks tshirt, steampunk tshirt, mad hatter tshirt, tim burton tshirt, alice in wonderland tshirt, emo skull