Scott Pilgrim Comics

I think by now we've all seen the trailers for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I gotta say that not only was I captivated by the beautiful cast of characters, the surreal look of the whole movie, or even the fact that the story looks right up my alley. But I remember being in college and going to the comic book shop with my friend and he kept trying to coax me into picking up the graphic novels. I wasn't interested in it at the time but when I saw the film I was instantly persuaded to pick up all six Scott Pilgrim books. I've been reading them cover to cover since yesterday. I'm currently midway through book three. Personally I feel the comic so far is weirdly written with a lot of pages where I'm like wtf? but all in all it's inspiring me to write and illustrate a comic of my own that I've put on the back burner for the last 3.5 years. Whether or not I go through with it is another story. I guess I just feel like if I was confident about a script then I would be easily coaxed into working on and completing it. I guess I may just need to make an effort. Anyways, for the meantime enjoy what is currently available, Scott Pilgrim, long live black and white comics!