Akumu Unleashes in Retail Shops

I know we've been quiet these last few weeks. I'm trying to update as much as possible but we've been busy printing up shirts for all the new retail shops we're going to be in this coming year. Hopefully there will be a shop near you! And if so please buy from there so that those shops and boutiques can continue to replenish their stores with our products. New locations include Denver, CO and Salem, MA in the US. Our first Toronto location right near MuchMusic! Two gorgeous shops in Edmonton, Canada. And we'll be adding our items into a physical UK shop sometime in the next 3-4 weeks. Very exciting for us to get our brand out to people who don't know about us. It's really important that I can continue living off of Akumu and creating NEW designs and merchandise for you guys, so let's keep it coming! check out our 'Retail' section for addresses and locations.