The Packages

So here is the thing we've been working on. The Packages will allow you to save more than 10% when buying 3 items at once. Also as mentioned in our FAQ: Our first 50 Return Buyers* buying our NEW packages will get a free limited edition "The Vampire" paper toy (limited to 50). There will be NO reprints or exceptions for this toy. Get yours before they run out! *Return Buyer to , not from conventions. To be a Return Buyer* buy any item from and you will be able to get the paper toy with your purchase of any of our NEW packages. Package 1: This package allows you to get any 3 of our tshirts including vnecks for less than 20$ per shirt!

Package 2: Is something we came up with where you save EVEN MORE money. The deal is you get 2 great shirts of your choice, and let us pick the third one for you. We welcome suggestions within 12 hours of your purchase, can't promise that you'll get what you want but at least we'll have an idea. (I know this stuff isn't mentioned on the site but that's the beauty of following out blog :P )

Package 3: Save approx 16$ or more (That's like free shipping to Canada and US, or half the shipping cost International) with this package. You get to choose 2 awesome tshirts (vnecks included) plus you get one of our mighty AI hoodies, AND a pinpack! What more could you need?!?