Another Shirt Gone Forever

So we got back from Toronto on Sunday night. Fun show in the sense that we had a lot of repeat customers from the prior year, and also we saw a bunch of people proud of their purchases wearing their Akumu gear around at the convention. It's always surreal when I see someone wearing one of our shirts, and I'm always impressed with how great it looks on you all. Anyways, I won't post pics of the show just yet. We didn't take many photos of the convention itself but what I do want to mention is that we did sell out of our last RockStar tshirt. I'm always happy to see old designs go cuz that forces the progression forward of Akumu's style. We started off with a very generic emo look and have so far pushed into our own world (all within 1.5 years) so I can't even imagine where we'll be in another 1.5 years.