For Once a Little Excitement

So today was great, the banners showed up finally. And I got a promotion at work! Finally things are looking up. As mentioned two new designs are fully completed and will be released this weekend. I need to make my screens, print up some shirts, take photos, and pop them up on the site. It's going to be awesome, I'm really excited about these new shirts, and you should be too. It has been a while. I promise we won't let it take this long again for new designs. I can't wait to open up the banners and take pictures of them, very exciting. And if you check out these bands concerts you'll see these very banners at their next shows. Fatal Fall, Meet the Storm, Sungazer, and our Akumu Ink banner for our own shows. I'll post the pics tomorrow morning. 

Btw, if you're on twitter come join. I'm online right now. I post often and reply quickly :)