The Last Show

So it's been a little more than 7 months since we've launched. Yesterday we just completed our third tattoo convention for the year and we feel great. We really appreciate all the people who came to check us out and are now wearing Akumu Ink. All kinds of people from a 12 year old kid to a 72 year old tattoo artist everyone found something for themselves. Even people wearing big brands like Ed Hardy and Affliction found our shirts desirable.

We really appreciate all those who came out to the 2008 Montreal Tattoo Art show and discovered Akumu Ink for the first time. We are aware some people just came to pick up a souvenir for a girlfriend or boyfriend, but hopefully some of you found that we are more than just that. We have a lot of space to grow, so hopefully you will come with us for the ride.

Thanks you for supporting us. It's because of you that we've gotten this far.