Akumu Ink art, goth art, skull art,
Akumu Ink art, goth art, skull art,
Akumu Ink art, goth art, skull art,

2022 She Loves Me Not 27.5x36cm Painted Canvas

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Get an original hand-painting by Joey (the artist of Akumu Ink). Inspired by abstract artists I follow on instagram and children's book artists, I am quickly moving away from my need to be controlled to a more loose painting style. I'm playing with different layering techniques and transparencies to bring across bright colours over a dirty black background. Created in April 2022. Only 1 available.

  • Title: She Loves Me Not
  • Size: 27.5cmx36cm (10.5"x14")
  • Media: Acrylic paint and markers on a stretched canvas
  • Will be signed and dated on the front
  • This painting is sold unframed

Painted in South Holland. Buying this piece does not transfer artwork copyright.

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