Starting to Paint Again

In Canada I was doing a lot of commissions and paintings, but after moving to the US we became so busy with preparing, setting up, and selling at conventions that our lives just revolved around that and there was no time for anything else. Now that we are in Europe and we've slowed down with conventions (but are still very busy as we print everything ourselves), I can't help but want to get back into painting again. I have done a few pieces here and there since the pandemic began, dipping my toe back in, but it's something I want to be more proactive with especially since opening our Akumu Ink Studio. Here are a few new pieces and old pieces that are currently available for purchase.

Every painting allows me to go deeper and break free from the confines of my own control. I've felt like I have to do things a certain way, because of how it was taught to me in college 15 years ago. And only now after watching countless videos and reels on instagram and youtube do I feel like there is no single way to paint. The rules that held me back were just suggestions, but you can do whatever you want, however you want! I'm still trying to break that connection in my head, and the only way to do that is to paint, until I find myself as an artist through painting.

I plan to do more original pieces going forward, and phase out movie and pop culture characters. So if you like those pieces, get them now before they are no longer available.