Panda Acrylic Painting Process

As an artist, I've been creating and selling art for over 15 years. While my painting portfolio may not be as expansive as I'd like, I'm proud of my growth seen over the 50 hand painted artworks I've completed throughout the years. Painting has always been a fun and rewarding experience for me, as it helps me to express my creativity and bring my visions to life. The physical hand-painted works have a different feel than any digital creations made for shirts. Unfortunately, the demands of printing and creating new merchandise for our brand can often take priority, but whenever I can find the time to make a new piece, it's always a rewarding experience. Every completed artwork brings a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep creating and pushing myself to explore new ideas and techniques. If you're looking for unique and eye-catching artwork, and want to support an independent artist, there's a few of my original pieces in our store.