This is Aldora and Joey’s third self-published storybook together. The husband and wife’s previous works include Just Another Birthday (2015) and Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland (2019).

This book was a passion project that took us over 2 years to complete. We had just moved to the Netherlands in 2019 (from Los Angeles) and while driving to our first European comic convention in Switzerland, we passed through the beautiful German town of Heidelberg. Aldora was so inspired by the vibe and the scenery that she came up with her dark version of Hansel & Gretel. Joey loved the idea so much that he sketched out the story that night. A year later, at the beginning of the pandemic lockdown, we found the sketches and began working on developing it into an entire book.


Our brand new fully-illustrated Nightmare Fairytales storybook includes 4 classic Grimm's Brother tales with our own strange twist:

  • Dead Riding Hood
  • Rapunzel and Her Tower of Doom
  • Snow White and Blood Rose
  • Hansel & Gretel

Flip through the pages for a glimpse at what's inside:


Dead Riding Hood has been one of our favourite t-shirt designs since 2014. The design was based on our badass Tokyo Chan character.

The story is about how a girl is promised to a demon wolf on her 16th birthday. For years, she trains to confront the beast. But on the fateful night, her grandmother steps in to her place.


Snow White was originally featured as a t-shirt design from 2018, called Revenge is Sweet, from the last collection created in Los Angeles before our move to the Netherlands. In the original design Snow White was wearing a facemask, but for the book we removed it to reveal a far more sinister version of the character. 

In our version Snow White is left for dead. But with a little help from some friends she meets along the way, she will take back her crown as the rightful heir to the thrown.


If you're looking for a cute traditional story of these classic tales, this book is NOT for you. This book strays from the safe path and follows a darker route (the way we like it!).

-Hardcover: 40 pages.
-Size: 26cm x 26cm (10"x10")
-20 original full-page colour illustrations.
-Language: English.
-Shipped from Holland.

This book is NOT recommended for children.

This book contains:
-Cartoon Blood.
-Cartoon Weapons.
-A Decapitated Demon Beast x_x
-No happy endings.