Fan Review Roundup: What Readers Are Saying About our Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland Storybook

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Thank you all so much for your incredible and heartwarming reviews! It brings us immense joy to hear that you've enjoyed our adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Your enthusiasm for the illustrations and the unique twists in the plot means the world to us. We're thrilled to be a part of your collections and delighted to know that the book has found a special place in your hearts.

"What's not to love in this special adaptation of Alice. Brings new meaning to the tale. Illustrations by Joey are bloody fun. The tale by Aldora is uniquely thrilling. Down the Rabbit hole with this book is where I love to read. Please bring us more tales." -Catharine R.

"This book was beautifully packaged with stickers and badges of the artwork. The book blew my mind, as a huge Alice fan I loved the dark, quirky turn on the plot. I thought the illustrations were amazing and have spent ages looking through them." -Catharine F.

"I'm an Alice in wonderland fanatic, and this book is the perfect addition to my Alice book collection. The art work is just beautiful, I absolutely adore this take on this classic tale. Definitely my kind of book. Thank you so much 😊" -Kiely P.

"I’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland - and my daughter loved it too when she was little - I got her this for her birthday and she thinks it’s amazing! The story is the dark version of her travels - and the animation is something else - will you be doing “Trough the Looking Glass?”” As we would 100% get that next too 😁xx" -Gina E.

"Such a great book with beautiful illustrations in. I bought it for my daughter who has Autism she carries the book around everywhere and has read it so many times already. She wants to be a Goth and read horror stuff and this is just right for her." -Melissa G.

"Such a fun and quirky version of Alice. The story and art are both great. Hoping there's another to continue this adventure in the future!" -Mark

Thank you all for your support and for making this literary journey so rewarding. Your kind words inspire us to continue creating stories and artwork. Wishing you all many more delightful reading adventures!

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