Day Off

After a brutal week of preparing for AX and then going back and forth everyday to Los Angeles for Anime Expo we are taking a much needed day of rest.  Thanks to everyone who came by our booth this weekend and picked up some new Akumu Ink shirts, and thanks to everyone who wore our shirts during the con, and lastly thanks to everyone who ordered online over the weekend. We'll be back in the office tomorrow to ship out all your orders.

This morning I shaved and washed our Scotties, while Aldora made me some homemade blueberry and cherry jam! After updating the website and posting our two new designs for the month: Plague Seeker and Ripped Apart, Aldora and I are going to relax, watch some movies, and take intermittent naps throughout the day.

The following weeks will be insane as we prepare our Winter Collection of tshirt designs while getting ready for San Diego Comiccon!