Blood Brothers :: CRIMES Album Review

The Blood Brothers' 2002 album, Crimes, is an absolute masterpiece. The combination of their innovative and varied musical styles along with the sheer genius of their songwriting creates an album that is sure to stand the test of time. The album perfectly blends elements of punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore, creating an eclectic mix of sounds that are both unique and captivating.

The album boasts some of the most impressive vocal performances of any modern rock album. Whether it be the unique, raspy screams of vocalist Jordan Blilie or the more melodic singing of Johnny Whitney, the vocals of the two singers perfectly complement each other and create a truly distinct sound.

The guitars on Crimes are nothing short of brilliant. The band utilizes a wide array of guitar techniques, ranging from intricate and experimental riffing to more traditional punk-style chords. The band also makes great use of feedback and other effects to create a rich and layered soundscape.

Overall, Crimes is an incredible album that showcases the talents of The Blood Brothers. The album is an absolute must-listen and is sure to please any fan of modern rock.

I was lucky enough to have attended their concert in Montreal in the early 2000s. The energy and atmosphere was electric, and the band was incredible. The Blood Brothers' sound was powerful and dynamic. Each song was a journey, and the audience was taken on a roller coaster of emotion. The band interacted with the crowd and delivered a high-energy show that left everyone in the room feeling energized and elated. Their stage presence was captivating, and their sound was truly unique. It was an unforgettable experience!