An In-Depth Look at Different Goth Styles

I've been wanting to do this for a long time. A list of Gothic fashion sub-genres. Hope you find this information helpful to you! (Please note: the photos don't necessarily reflect the exact style they are placed under, but instead show different looks that can be achieved within those genres while wearing our shirts)

1. Pastel Goth
2. Punk Goth
3. Cyber Goth
4. Victorian Goth
5. Dark Lolita
6. Steampunk Goth
7. Gothic Lolita
8. Nu Goth
9. Industrial Goth
10. Witch Goth

1. Pastel Goth is a fashion style that combines the dark and edgy elements of the gothic subculture with pastel colors, such as pink, purple, blue, and mint green. It draws inspiration from traditional gothic fashion—think black lace, velvet, and corsets—and mixes them with softer pastel colors and more playful elements, such as ruffles, frills, and prints. Pastel Goth is often associated with the Japanese Kawaii aesthetic and is popular among young people.

(wearing our Baphomet t-shirt)

2. Punk Goth is an alternative subculture that combines elements of punk and goth culture. It is a hybrid style that combines punk and goth fashion, music, and attitude. Punk Goths often dress in a combination of punk and goth clothing, such as black leather jackets, ripped jeans, combat boots, and leather mini skirts. Their hair is typically dyed black and styled in a variety of ways, such as Mohawks and spikes. Punk Goths often have an affinity for dark, edgy, and often macabre music, such as deathrock, gothic rock, and industrial. They often have a punk attitude and a dark sense of humor.

 (wearing our We're All Mad Here t-shirt)

3. Cyber Goth is a style of fashion that combines elements of cyberpunk and gothic fashion. It usually features a mix of dark colored and bright colored clothing, often with a futuristic or sci-fi theme. Cyber Goths often wear a variety of cyber-style accessories, such as goggles, body jewelry, and neon accents. They also frequently have a love of all things related to technology, such as computers and video games. Cyber Goths often have an interest in electronic music and rave culture, and are often seen attending raves or other club events.

4. Victorian Goth is a style of fashion that combines elements of the Victorian era with a more contemporary, dark and mysterious aesthetic. It draws inspiration from the morbid, dark and often supernatural elements associated with the Victorian era. Victorian Goth often incorporates elements such as heavy fabrics, intricate detailing, dark colors, and a romantic and whimsical sense of style. It is a look that is both mysterious and glamorous, often characterized by lace, velvet, and corsets.

5. Dark Lolita is a style of Lolita fashion that is darker and edgier than traditional Lolita fashion. It often features darker colors, such as black and dark purples, and often has gothic or punk elements, such as lace and studs. Dark Lolita often has a more mature and gothic vibe than traditional Lolita fashion, and is popular among those who want to express a darker side of their personality.

6. Steampunk Goth is a subculture that combines elements of steampunk, gothic, and industrial styles. It typically features an aesthetic of mechanical and industrial elements, along with a dark and macabre Victorian-era inspired fashion. Common features of this style include corsets, waistcoats, top hats, pocket watches, steampunk-inspired jewelry, and a variety of Victorian-era inspired accessories such as parasols, pocket watches, and goggles. Steampunk Goth also often includes a punk rock or industrial music influence.

7. Gothic Lolita is a fashion style originating in Japan that combines the traditional Lolita aesthetic with Gothic elements. It typically features a dark palette of black, grey, and deep reds, with accents of lace, ribbons, and velvet, and accessories such as parasols, pocket watches, and cross necklaces. The look is often completed with a dark makeup look, such as smoky eyes and dark lipstick. Gothic Lolita is associated with a wide range of subcultures, including Visual Kei, Anime, and Japanese Pop Culture.

8. Nu Goth is a subculture of the Gothic scene that combines traditional Gothic elements with modern fashion and technology. It often features an eclectic mix of dark and colourful fashion styles, including steampunk, gothic Lolita, cyberpunk, and industrial. It is strongly associated with alternative music styles such as industrial, electro, and darkwave. Nu Goth is also heavily influenced by the underground punk and rave scenes, as well as the DIY and hacker culture. Nu Goth also embraces a variety of philosophical and spiritual beliefs, such as anarchist and socialist beliefs, as well as embracing new age, occult, and other forms of spiritualism. It is a youth-driven subculture that celebrates self-expression, freedom, and individuality.

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9. Industrial Goth is a style of music, fashion, and art that combines industrial music, gothic aesthetics, and punk influences. It is usually characterized by electronic beats, dark and aggressive sounds, and a strong focus on industrial and post-punk themes. The style often features elements of industrial dance, EBM, and darkwave, as well as elements of traditional gothic rock. Fashion associated with Industrial Goth is often dark, with a focus on black leather, latex, and metal accessories. Industrial Goth often incorporates a variety of visual arts like body art, performance art, sculpture, and installation art.

(wearing our We're All Mad Here tank top)

10. Witch Goth is a fashion and lifestyle subculture that combines elements of traditional gothic aesthetics with modern witchy fashion and occult symbolism. It is characterized by dark, mystical clothing and accessories, such as corsets, lace and velvet, as well as magical jewelry and symbols like pentacles and candles. Witch Goth also celebrates rituals and spirituality, often incorporating pagan and wiccan elements into its style. Witch Goth is a modern take on traditional gothic style, and it is often seen as a more inclusive version of the gothic subculture.

If none of these styles truly represent you, don't worry about it. These are just templates that can be expanded on. Never feel like you have to fit into these categories. At the end of the day it's all about self-expression. Just be the best version of yourself.