Adrift to the Unknown Painting Process

This is my latest work: Adrift to the Unknown. This artwork seamlessly connects the realms of my scratchy t-shirt designs and book illustrations, uniting them under a singular aesthetic.

Inspired by a recent vivid dream, this painting depicts a young boy, with his back turned to a towering lighthouse, navigating the serene waters in a boat. This painting captures the metaphor to believe in one's self, rather than a false sense of safety. Often, I've had to depend on myself because the people who were supposed to support or guide me ended up being more negative than helpful.

Here's a photo of the piece while I was working on it:

This is my workspace. It's a 1.5m x 1.5m space with a box instead of an easel. Who says you need fancy things to make art? I just put on a pair of headphones and get to work, then nothing else matters:

This is the final piece:If you're interested in purchasing this piece, you can find it here.