Chaplin :: The Circus

I don't know why I felt like doing this in the first place but for the last few nights I've been watching Charlie Chaplin movies. I found a list online of his best 8 movies and decided to start at number 1 and go down the list. So far I've watched 4 movies and have not been disappointed. Actually on the list they put Modern Times as the number 1 movie, but I would have to disagree and say that I really enjoyed The Circus the most. Watching these movies is like opening a window onto America in the 1930's. It's really strange. But at the same time it seems really familiar. I would love to watch this movie in 1080p, I'm sure someone out there is (or has) scanned each individual frame. I couldn't find it on itunes which leads me to think it doesn't exist yet. By far The Circus is now in my top 5 movies of all time. I'm now a Charlie Chaplin fan. photo via DrMacro's.