New Designs Available Now!

So happy with this new release, this NEW Tokyo Revenge design is the next step in the Tokyo Massacre series. Added an extra colour to just give more POW! to the whole layout as well as some great horror lighting to just set a darker mood to the whole piece. The Tokyo Massacre had always been my favourite character considering she was the first original character I created for Akumu Ink. So I'm happy to present her in this extremely etched and blood splattered version.

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Also I'm happy to return Never Say Die's cute schoolgirl to the scene in Umami. As in the first design this cute manga girl that was so cute had a big speech bubble over her head exclaiming death. But now she's back and this time less shy than the last time after having just eaten all the boys from her home room class. Umami is a Japanese word for "Good flavour" or "Good taste" and as you can see this little school girl is satisfied with her meal.

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