Music Suggestions

For fans of hardcore/metalcore the latest Daughters self titled album is available. I still haven't listened to it end to end but the 3 songs I listened to sounded great. They continued sounding a lot like their second album so I'm looking forward to hearing how they pushed that sound further. For Korean pop fans I totally suggest Lee Hyori's "H-Logic" album. It took a few listens but now I like every song on the album except for one 80's remix. When I started writing this post I thought that Hyori's composers were really talented. But I just read on wikipedia that 6 of the 14 tracks on her album have been plagiarized off of small Canadian and UK acts. And not just sample ripoffs, the entire song, instrumental arrangements and production is ripped off. It's pretty sad to see considering Hyori has had problems in the past with plagiarizing Britney Spears no doubt.