We're Moving to the Netherlands!

[Last updated: March 15, 2019]

As many of you already know, both Aldora and Joey are from Montreal, Canada. In 2014, we made a life altering decision to move ourselves and Akumu Ink to California. During our 5 years in the United States, we created over 100 original designs, and setup our booth at 89 conventions across 15 states! But in 2019 we had to again decide between renewing our US visas, or going back to Canada. Instead we made another insane choice to relocate once again, this time to Europe!


So what does this mean for you (our US customers that we've been serving for the last 5 years)?

OUR WEBSITE: Our inventory is currently being sent over on a cargo ship from California to the Netherlands. At this time we are expecting to relaunch our webstore some time in April (we'll post a more accurate date as we get closer to the relaunch). Meanwhile, follow us on social media (FB, IG, Twitter) for more photos of our weekly progress.

US CONVENTIONS: We have been invited to setup our booths at 3 US conventions in 2019: Anime Expo Los Angeles (July 4-7), San Diego Comic Con (July 18-21) and New York Comic Con (Oct 3-6). Final dates, booth locations, and maps will all be available here.

EUROPEAN CONVENTIONS: We have already booked a handful of events across Europe starting with Polymanga in Switzerland. We are excited to begin setting up at conventions in Europe to meet our customers out here. We hope these new experiences and adventures will uniquely affect all future art that we produce!

The last 5 years in the US were some of the best times of our lives, traveling around the country, selling our art/merch, and just doing what we love. Please keep following our social media pages, as we hope to continually satisfy your cravings for our twisted artwork.

Much love,
-Joey and Aldora.

This is a photo of our new warehouse in South Holland:

Here you can see that we packed our entire warehouse within 2 weeks:

Here's some of our inventory getting loaded into the container which is currently making it's way on a ship to us here in Europe: