Grimm Designs is a Rip-Off Brand Stealing our Designs and Style

There is a fake brand in the UK called Grimm Designs that are ripping off our original designs and style. They copied our We're All Mad Here design from 2014, our Sick Nurse design from 2015, and Deadly Myth unicorn design from 2016.

Side note: We started Akumu Ink in 2008, my wife and I, creating original designs and printing them on shirts ourselves. We sold them online and at events. Somewhere round 2014-2017 we worked with this European sales person based in the UK (who had zero part in our creative process), his only job was to contact stores about our products and get us orders. We had to cut ties with him due to Brexit, as prices were increasing and no longer sustainable considering we still did most of the work printing and preparing all the orders for the stores. As soon as we stopped working with him his Grimm brand showed up in stores that he has affiliation with in the UK. Copying our signature scratchy style and even a few of our designs.

By supporting his Grimm brand and buying his merch, you are encouraging him to continue to rip us off. It's really unfortunate when someone feels entitled to steal from a small business because they feel that it's easier than creating something original themselves.

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