Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland Storybook

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Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland is one of the biggest art projects we have worked on, taking us 2 years to complete. It took us almost a year just to develop the story and look of the characters. Even though Akumu Ink has created a bunch of Alice designs in the past, we wanted an original take with this book. We wanted something modern but very much part of our Akumu Ink world.

We followed the basics of the classic story of Alice being alone, confused and lost in a nightmarish Wonderland looking for her beloved White Rabbit. But we quickly find out that the characters in this story don't have Alice's best intentions in mind. The Mad Hatter, The Harvest Hare and The Cheshire Cat are all questionably up to no good. Caterpillar The Collector and The Queen of Bleeding Hearts especially have evil plans to trick Alice.

Follow Alice as she cleverly escapes traps again and again. Will her adventure take her home? With every turn of the page, we will bring you along to experience her adventures with 20 original full-page colour illustrations.

When Alice arrived in Wonderland, she finds herself in the middle of an ongoing Tea Party. The notorious party goes on endlessly; and an invite is scarce. Unbeknownst to Alice, this Tea Party is like no other. Anyone invited could end up dead before the end of the night. No one's safe until the party is over. Alice arrives uninvited and will be welcomed with masked hostility. Will Alice be poisoned or stabbed while she manoeuvres her way out of the Tea Party?

The clock tree was a fun image to draw. Aldora had this idea of The March Hare living in this huge tree with clocks of all sizes growing out of the branches. Imagine the deafening sound of hundreds of clocks going on and on with no end. There is no space for thoughts when the clocks are near, which is a perfect place for The March Hare to trap Alice. Is Alice safe here? Or is this just another trap?

In this Wonderland, The Caterpillar is depicted as a crazed collector. He clutches an unknown number of bottles everywhere he goes, that way the collection is always safe and he can trade wherever he is at. The Caterpillar collects things that have value to him, and to their previous owners. What will Alice have to trade with The Caterpillar?


If you're looking for a cute traditional story of the classic tale, please stop reading. This book strays from the safe path and follows a more sinister route (the way we like it!). While quantities last.

-Hardcover: 38 pages.
-Size: 10"x10" (25.4cm x 25.4cm)
-20 original full-page colour illustrations
-Language: English.

-Shipped from South Holland.

Disclaimer: This book is NOT recommended for children.
If you cannot handle the below elements, please do NOT read this book:
-Cartoon Blood.
-Cartoon Weapons.
-Dead Cartoons x_x