The last design from our Winter 2012 Collection is now up: Sugar Skull. A very simple name for a very beautiful design. I used a similar technique as I did for our Night Owl shirt where the image seems almost drawn on the shirt with a chalk. I think this technique gives the design a real charm. There are a ton of sugar skull designs right now on the market so I thought it would be interesting to do my own take on it.

sugar skull shirt, akumuink sugar skull, dia de los muertos shirt

The next two designs are a similar character which we wanted to introduce into our world. I love how Tokidoki has these cute skull characters as well as their sexy women, so I wanted to try something like that. Also after watching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo I was really interested in bringing in a sexy punk character like the one Rooney Mara played.

If these characters do well then maybe we can intertwine them more into the Akumu Ink world. This first design is called Moment of Silence, it's very somber with the Akumu Ink style skull candle.

skull candle shirt, sexy goth shirt, goth girl shirt, wearittodeath

This design was tough to create. I've been wanting to create a dark ballerina design ever since watching Black Swan, and I have a bunch of different versions of poses for this design. But once Aldora looked at it she told me, "Add blood!" And I think it made this design that much more disturbing than just a goth ballerina.


goth ballerina, ballerina shirt, goth ballerina shirt, black swan goth, ballerina blood, akumu ballerina, wearittodeath