Although we work extremely hard spending every minute of our waking life trying to grow Akumu Ink, since we've moved to California we've been able to find little things to do every now and then to reward ourselves. This week we made a little date to go watch a Conan taping. We arrived super earlier thinking people would do the same, and found ourselves to be the first ones to arrive! The next 5 people to arrive came within the next hour.

Although there was a ton of waiting, which was fine as we had gone super early. Once they took us onto the Warner Brothers lot I was in geek heaven. It was like being in a scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit as we strolled through the backlots of Hollywood sets. I saw metal plates on the side of buildings for movies like Tim Burton's Batman movies, and others I can't remember. We then got to the Conan set which is so different when you see it from when you see it on tv. We were seated right in the front row, 6 feet from where Conan stands to do his opening monologue. The weird thing that I never thought of was when I watch him on tv, he's looking at me. But when you're in the audience he's not looking around at us like a stage performer, he's staring into the camera. Aside from that the guests were great. Everyone was expecting Megan Fox to be the guest, but the episode they were taping that day is going to be aired in a few weeks. It will be with guests Josh Groban, and Nathan Fielder (Nathan For You) which we were most excited for.

Hope you'll look out for the episode as you might see us right in the front row at the beginning of the show wearing our Akumu Ink tshirts.