We attended comic-con this year and it was so great. It didn't feel very different from other cons we attend due to us being limited to working the exhibitor's room, but there were a few extra perks. The main one being the celebrities walking around the con. On Friday while I was standing outside our tiny booth space I noticed a bunch of security guards around me, I was trying to see who they where guarding and noticed Kirk Hammett standing less than a foot away from me! We also came into contact with an animator on South Park, the creator of the Ghost Busters franchise, and the co-creator of the American Dad cartoon show. And Kynt from Amazing Race picked up a bunch of our shirts, the last time we saw him was at Magic in 2011.

But the big jaw dropping moment for us was seeing and meeting Brian Quinn and Joe Gatto from tv's the Impractical Jokers! I've listened to both Tell 'Em Steve Dave Podcast, The Tenderloins Podcast and the What Say You? Podcast since the first episode so talking to Q was so surreal. Both Q and Joe were so sweet and exactly as they appear on tv.

Now let's talk about you guys who attended the show and picked up our shirts. We are so happy with the reception of Akumu Ink in San Diego! Although our booth was so small that we could only display 6 different designs we received enough love that we can't wait to come back with a full booth. Check out all these happy customers that wore our shirts over the weekend:

Due to the insanity in stock we brought to SDCC, we took an updated photo of an old photo from 3 years ago when we were attending a small local tattoo convention (second photo).

We only had a few minutes every morning prior to the show starting to walk around the exhibition hall, these are the things we got to see.