In less than 1 week it will be time for the San Diego Comiccon! We are so nervous with excitement. We've done many cons in the past, but this is the holy grail of cons.

For Comiccon we have partnered up with Famous Monsters of Filmland to create an EXCLUSIVE comiccon design (meaning this shirt will only be available at comiccon). If we still have sizes we will put them up on our website, but stock is extremely limited and there will be no reprints.

We will not have our normal booth setup at this con, so make sure you mark us on your map. You can find us at booth 1507 with Famous Monsters of Filmland right by the entrance between lobby B1 and B2. We will also be giving out a special coupon code to get an awesome discount through our webstore. So make sure you come by and check us out!

Here is the Map PDF for you to highlight our location.

Click here for a complete list of exhibitors (we're not on this list, but you can find us with Famous Monsters of Filmland)

Mockup of our exclusive Famous Monsters of Filmland x Akumu Ink design:

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edit: There is also a Comic-Con app to plan out your week better. Please add us to your map by looking through the exhibitor list and putting a star next to Famous Monsters of Filmland (booth 1507)