Voodoo Seppuku is one of our oldest designs currently still available on our website. I can't even remember when I created it. But what I do know about that design is that it was really loved for the longest time. And personally I didn't like it, solely based on the fact that my art style had changed drastically yet it was still selling. Well I'm happy to say that we're finally pulling that design down to introduce a follow up voodoo doll design. Stitch Me Up is a very cute and fun shirt, with a morbid underlying message. Heartbreak can wreck you. You can tear yourself apart just trying to stitch yourself back together. I thought this was a fun premise.

With our beautiful printing method you won't even feel this huge print. The color is actually bleached into the shirt (like all our shirts) and you're left with this bold design that is so breathable and feels great to wear.
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