Introducing our March release brought to you from our Winter 2013 collection. This is really where I want Akumu Ink to be, I finally found who we are and how I want our brand to look. Simple, clean designs with interesting concepts. The first shirt is Deadly Rose which is our Umami character revisited in a much darker interpretation. She's past the point of being mischievous and crossed into being devious for this design. poison, poison rose, cute dark tshirt, kawaii horror, kawaii horror  shirt, comiccon emo tshirt, japanese goth, jhorror shirt, jhorror fashion, scene style, pink hair piercing tattoos The Closing Act is a re-imagined version of one of our older designs The Drifter. The original design was very loved considering how simple it was. As my style has evolved since the beginning of Akumu Ink in 2008 I felt like it was time to reprise The Drifter in a much more updated version of himself to fit in with the mystifying world we have created. skull tshirt, skull bicycle shirt, dead bicycler, zombie cyclist, skeleton bike, skeleton bicycle, circus bicycle, pennyfarthing skeleton, akumuink, nightmare style, jhorror style, jhorror tshirt, japanese goth style