Over the years, one of our character has come back time and time again: Tokyo Chan! A Japanese school girl hell bent on revenge. This character was the first completely original character I introduced to Akumu Ink back in 2008 which shaped the entire future of the brand. It was because of the success of this design that we went from creating generic objects, and skulls with blood splatters to forming different characters and situations. For a long time I didn't know how to follow up Tokyo Massacre (which is the same problem I'm having with our Umami character) but once we did it opened up so many possibilities. And she will continue to haunt us in future collections. japanese goth, visual kei, harajuku tshirt, harajuku style, akumu ink, oz tshirt, chainsaw tshirt, schoolgirl shirt, japanese schoolgirl horror, japanese horror, horror shirt, horror style, horror chibi, cute horror, nightmare shirt, goth shirt, emo shirt