Our Favourite Things

These are currently our favourite things. I'm loving our new bags so much. When we started working on them I had a specific vision. I'm a fan of Tokidoki and the way his stuff looks, so that came into play, also I was inspired by how I remember my Mario Bros. schoolbag when I was in elementary school, and how I loved it. I wanted to replicate that kind of a feeling in this product where the graphic is so big and bright like almost childish but grown up and dark at the same time. For sure if you wear it out in public someone will ask you about it, as it's original and doesn't look like other stuff out there. The Sinister Smile shirt is all I've been wearing lately. I'm loving this design. Inspired by my best friend who suggested a few years back that I should make a pumpkin tshirt, and I never knew how to go about it. I came up with a pumpkin character back in March, but didn't feel it was strong enough for a tshirt design. Out of nowhere, Aldora suggested he should be carving his own smile, and right away I knew how it would look. I'm really happy with where we're going as a brand, and the new designs that our currently being carried by our retailers (which we'll be slowly releasing every month on our website) are just moving the brand further and further into the Akumu Ink world. Thanks for supporting us, 2013 has been the most fun we've had so far.
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