December RIP

Here is the most updated list of RIPed designs to date. For those of you that don't know, Akumu Ink only produces small quantities of a design. As we pride ourselves on being creative and like to change it up as often as we can. When we feel a design has run its course, we stop producing it forever. You can click here to find a list of past RIPed designs. If you are looking for any of our RIPed items I would suggest googling 'akumu ink (name of the shirt)' you might get lucky and find one still available. All this to say, if you like current designs on our website hurry up and grab them because they can disappear at any time without warning. limited edition, limited tshirts, skull tshirt, hottopic shirts, moon shirt, cat moon, cat moon shirt, cheshire cat tshirt, geisha face shirt limited edition, limited tshirts, impaled skulls, skull shirt, horror shirt, marie antoinette shirt, red comiccon queen shirt, red shirt woman fans, russian doll shirt, russian doll skeleton, russian doll insides, goth russian doll, dead nesting doll, nesting doll skeleton limited edition shirt, limited tshirts, snake shirt, snake swords tshirt, t-shirt doll cutting head off, doll scissors shirt, hot topic,