Queen of Hearts Progression

When I started working on this design I hit a bunch of dead ends. So I wanted to show you how sometimes a design will start from somewhere completely different and turn into what I consider one of my favourite designs. (1) At the beginning I wanted to create a geisha based of a watercolour I did during the summer. (2) At the same time I had this idea to introduce a Queen of Hearts character to the current cast of Alice in Wonderland characters we've been adding to the Akumu Ink library. (3) Only upon revising my original geisha layout did it occur to me that (4) both characters could be combined to create a really awesome layout and design. geisha art, queen of hearts art, cute geisha, emo geisha, goth geisha, cute hearts art, cute skull art, creepy cute art, creepy cute clothing, kawaii clothing, japanese goth art, alice in wonderland clothing, red queen tshirt, queen of hearts tshirt design