The Penguin Sketch

One of my favourite Batman movies has to be Batman Returns. Obviously watching it now is kind of tough, but having seen it as a kid and holding on to the memory of what it was, is hard to forget. It would be great to see an updated movie of these versions of the Penguin and Catwoman. Oh well, let's just be happy they exist at all. This time for the proportions I measured it with a ruler on my paper and roughly squinted at the image on my computer, everything is where it should be! My biggest mistake when overlaying the real image was the eyes, the real Joker has bigger pupils, and a bit of longer nose, but all in all this is where I want to be as a portrait artist. So I'm happy with that. Obviously I need to learn more about drawing hair, but again this is good enough compared to my Donnie Darko sketch that I posted only 8 days ago. I will probably continue to draw these sketches but will post more sporadically.
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