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Looks like there's a bunch of happy customers across the world showing off their new Akumu Ink shirts. Feel free to take photos of yourself with anything Akumu Ink related (our shirts, our stickers, maybe you got an Akumu Ink tattoo...) post it on instagram and tag it with #akumuink to share it with us.

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Tone Death Tank | Photo of @cloudyoh

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Happy Unbirthday! Tee
| Photo from @missyinkbella

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Asylum Tshirt
| Photo of @realxobranden

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Voodoo Seppuku Tee
| Photo from @missyinkbella

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Hypnosis Tshirt | Photo of @outkastpoet

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Blood Storm Tee
| Photo of @zombiieunicorn

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Houdini Hoodie | Photo of @lysslovelyx

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Blood Storm Tshirt | Photo of @returnofthedeadman